Jesse Cardigan

I love to knit but sometimes a quick and satisfying crochet project is good for the soul. My niece is about to be 5 so thought I'd make her a little present.

Another ravelry find, this little cardigan looked perfect for wearing with a favourite dress.

I've been gradually building up my yarn stash, although I don't have an organised area for all these yet, that's a project for the Autumn :) I have a couple of cones of Louisa Harding Jesse, and chose the colour 'Pesto'.

Crochet bobble cluster

I get so worried about sizing I started this 3 times in different hooks and kept changing my mind. The pattern called for a 6mm hook, but this was aimed at size 6-8 years. I first tried a 5.5mm, then a 5mm but settled on a 4.5mm. If I did this again I'd use a 5mm so that she has more growing room, but this did turn out to be a perfect fit.

I've crocheted quite a bit before in cotton and this can be soooo tedious when the yarn splits and the crochet hook gets in all the wrong places. This yarn didn't split once so I whizzed through this in no time.

Peg stitch markers

As always happens, the stitch markers that I'd bought months ago, had seen everyday but never needed until now could not be found so I was forced to improvise with mini coloured pegs. These were intended to be used to make a garland for the many pieces of artwork my kids bring home. Maybe this will be a future post :)

Foundation chain armhole

I decided to do an extra repeat of the cluster pattern to make this slightly longer. When it came to the armholes, the pattern suggested fastening off the yarn and crocheting 2 chains part way along. I try to have as few ends as possible to weave in so thought I'd try this without fastening off. I crocheted in dc (UK - sc US) to the point of the armholes and then did a foundation chain the required length. I've never done this mid-project before but found a great tutorial.

Cluster close up and yoke

Two evenings and the shrug was pretty much finished. I took this along to my weekly 'Coffee and Cake' morning and finished the yoke before I'd even polished off my first slice of rhubarb and orange cake!

Crochet flower

This looked lovely but needed a bit of something to brighten it up. I decided to try a row of double crochets (UK - sc US) around the edge in violet, then weaved bright pink through the loops to create a sort of spiral. Teamed this with a bright pink button and small crocheted flowers and hey presto, 3 evenings or crochet and I have a lovely gift. Now just hope she likes it ;)

Jesse Cardigan