Yarndale. I'd had the date circled on my calendar for what seems like forever. I live in a small village just outside Skipton so couldn't believe my luck when I discovered there would be a Woolly event so close to home.

Yarndale Bunting

We arrived at 10:30am, just 30 minutes after the doors had opened and even at that early point the parking looked stretched.

More Yarndale Bunting

The sun was shining and the bunting walk to the Auction Mart was extra special knowing that it had been donated by generous crocheters the whole world over.


Bunting, bunting everywhere.

Yarndale roof

There was no missing the incredible entrance of colour. Your eyes were immediately drawn upwards to the strings and strings of .... yes, you've guessed it ... bunting!

Woolly Goodies

Inside was sooooo busy, it really was difficult to get to see every stand. Some we just shuffled past in the sea of people and gazed across at the lovely woolly wonders. There was so much creativity and inspiration. Certainly something for everyone.

Wool Tops

I was really interested in picking up some goodies for felting, which has been on my 'Crafts to try' list for a while. There were a few lovely stands for this but we were drawn to the bright array of colours at Adelaide Walker. My daughter and I chose a few merino wool tops along with some curly Wenslydale.

Spin Kit

Spinning is also on my list and there were several stands with busy spinners making it look incredibly easy. I did note that one lady was wearing her own hand knitted socks for this :)

Sleepy Alpaca

A couple of gorgeous (and it seems sleepy) alpaca's were showing off their fab hair do's. This is one of my favourite types of yarn so I did thank them as I passed :)

Tree Decorations

On leaving we saw several happy ladies knitting outside, enjoying the early Autumn sunshine. We paused to look at the (non bunting) decorations around the trees and followed the bunting walk back to the car park with our bags of goodies.

Crochet balls

There were teething troubles, there's no disputing that. I don't think anyone, including the organisers, realised just what a stir had been created leading up to the event.

I wish I could have seen more and am very much keeping my fingers crossed that there'll be another Yarndale next year.