Sewing Bug

So I’ve got the sewing bug again. It could be watching the Sewing Bee or just the inability to find clothes on the high street, but I’m feeling enthused.

New patterns

I’ve ordered a few patterns and fabric to get me started. I chose flowery cotton for a pretty 1940’s inspired blouse and something with a bit of stretch for a bat wing style top. Haven’t sewn with jersey before so will have to do my research and a few test sews first.


I already have a cutting board, rotary cutter and fab quilting ruler, but I treated myself to some new items. Prym glass headed pins, Fiskars fabric scissors and by far my favourite purchase, a water erasable pen. Had an air drying pen previously which was pretty useless, but this is great. Would thoroughly recommend getting one of these :)

Watching this season of the Sewing Bee, I spotted lots of different fabric weights. I admit I haven’t really thought about purpose made ones before. I previously used tins of tuna, chickpeas or whatever was in the cupboard but these would be much better. I have a plethora of fat quarters, fabric scraps and ribbon just waiting to be used. I knew all those randomly purchased bargains would come in eventually :)

What you need for 10 fabric weights with handles:
10 Fabric squares - 8x8cm
10 Felt squares - 8x8cm
10 pieces of ribbon - 12cm long
Rice or other dried pulses


So, choose the fabric. Easier said than done I know. I’m like a child in a sweet shop rooting though my cupboard. Now, do I go plain fabric, fancy ribbon or fancy fabric, plain ribbon. A compromise me thinks. Plain felt for the bottom, patterned fabric for the top and plain ribbon. Done.

Cut squares

Cut felt and fabric squares 8cm wide and ribbon in 12cm lengths.


Lay the ribbon diagonally on a piece of felt. If you’re using patterned fabric or ribbon, lay the fabric wrong side down and the ribbon right side down. Now lay another piece of fabric (right side down) on top. Pop a few pins in just to hold the ribbon steady.

Sewn piece

Sew a 1cm seam around, leaving a gap for turning and filling. Cut the corners to make these less bulky.

Turn inside out, fill with rice, dried peas or chickpeas or anything else you fancy - not too full though :)

Finished weights

Sew up the gap by hand and hey presto. Fabric weights. I’m sure these will improve my sewing enormously :)