Knotty Sunday

I’ve always loved crafts. I’m sure my parents would agree that as a child, this was reflected in the creative trail I would leave throughout the house. Well, nothing has changed and I’m currently expanding my crafting repertoire with Macrame.

Book and twine

I realise now, that this was actually something I used to practice extensively in my youth, making the friendship bracelets that adorned many a child’s arm. The macrame mat, hemp twine and book were birthday presents from earlier this year. Don’t be put off by the cover. This (and the images inside) do look a little old fashioned, but this is by far the best book I’ve found that shows the variety of knot combinations. There are a few projects, but if you are a total beginner would find these difficult to follow as they are not step by step. I’ve found that many of the knots are ones that I used to perform but now I have proper names for!


My watch strap has certainly seen better days. The leather has split and now flaps around rather awkwardly dipping in many a meal or paint pot! So, you can guess where I’m going with this blog post - yes, page 138, macrame watch strap.

Hooking on

This only uses 8x 1m lengths of hemp (4 on each side) so is really inexpensive to make. To start, the hemp was looped in half, threaded through the watch bar then the ends were passed back through the loop and pulled securely.

Clove Hitch

The next step is tying the knots. The knots used for the pattern are called diagonal clove hitches. They create little loops on diagonal threads which can be manipulated left and right to create wonderful patterns.


I think perhaps I should have experimented on some spare cotton first as this did take a little practice to get neat and symmetrical.


The second part of the strap is noticeably neater and stiffer than the first but I’m still extremely pleased with how this turned out. I fastened with a button at the back so this isn’t adjustable, but I’m sure you could attach a proper watch buckle or bracelet clasp instead.

Watch strap

Not bad for a couple of hours on a rainy Sunday afternoon :)