Busy Busy

Seems like ages since I've written a blog post, but that doesn't mean the creativity has stopped, just that Christmas took over. I felt as though I hadn't achieved much since my last post but then started to write and realised I'd actually been quite busy.

There has been knitting .....



Hacho socks

more socks

Ice Cream Cardigan

a cardigan (one of my favourite projects this year)

Turtleneck Tank

a turtleneck tank top (which has been worn endlessly since finished)

Rossetti Shawl

secret santa present (shhhhh ... )

Start of cardigan

the start of a cardigan

... and crocheting ...

Twin Bunny

the cutest twin bunnies

Crochet Cowl

a cowl to keep out the cold (and my first very own crochet pattern)

Church window

Christmas decorations for the window of the local church (found loads of patterns on Ravelry)

... and sewing ...

Mathilde Blouse

a Mathilde blouse (brilliant instructions for a fairly new sewer like me)


a Christmas dress for my daughter (her favourite present :) )

a jewellery roll plus pencil and notebook case for my nieces and 6 nativity costumes for school...

... plus lots and lots of homemade fudge and yummy peppermint creams for teachers and family :)

Have I missed anything? Probably, but I really do like to have more than one project on the go. Keeps things interesting :)

So. What will 2014 hold for these itchy fingers? As much as it can, I hope, of knitting, crochet, more felting and sewing. Oh yes, and if I can fit it in, some blogging ;)