New opportunities

Last year, a friend asked if I’d be interested in testing a new crochet pattern. The company she designs for were looking for someone with crochet experience to join their legion of testers.

Homes for Gnomes

Of course I jumped at the chance and since then have had fun making various items for pattern photo shoots: Toys, playsets, cardigans, dresses, bags ...

This has given me a great insight into the pattern making process, and I’ve decided to start writing my own :)


The yarn I’ve been given to work with is brand new and has been released this summer - a Wendy yarn called Pixile. When I first received this, it felt very much like a cotton mix but it’s actually 100% acrylic. I’ve been asked to look at creating home type accessories, for which I have plenty of ideas gurgling around my head. That’s no problem. The biggest head scratchy moment is deciding on colour combinations.


So, as part of my creative process, I made pom-poms. Lovely soft, squishy pom poms in all the shades. And why not! This was great, holding them together to see what works. Erm, no. All the colours work so well together I am still no closer to choosing anything.


Swatching, swatching and more swatching was my next port of call, which did actually help. The pom-poms were a great starting point and I will definitely do the same process next time, but testing the stitch patterns with various colours was the game changer. Shades that you thought were great don’t always look their best with every stitch pattern.

Final colours

So I’ve settled on my colours, stitch pattern and have sketched by designs. Now I just need to translate these into patterns. :)