Creating myself

I think there’s a misconception with many people that crochet is old fashioned; all Granny squares, circular doilys and flowers. I too was guilty of this perception, always preferring the ‘look’ of knitting.


Following on from my last blog post (new opportunities), I’ve been working on texture for my first design project. I want to show how versatile crochet can be and what great fabrics it can create. I’m really pleased (and relieved) at how this is turning out.


The tableware accessory ideas came thick and fast and I rather naively thought that I would have these made and patterns written in a couple of weeks. The reality of this is much different. The ‘first drafts’ were good but not quite right. Mats weren’t rectangular enough, bowls weren’t round enough, ridge effect was too high, colours better in a different order, position of stripes top or bottom ... I remade the bowl at least 5 times before I was happy.

Writing up

The next step was turning my paper scrawlings into an easy to follow, understandable pattern. This amazingly, was the easiest part of the process and was typed up (reasonably) quickly.


There’s been a lot of frogging, tweaking and frustration, but I’m enjoying this process so much I just wish the world around me would slow down so that I could do more. Not sure I’ve found ‘my style’ yet but am totally hooked and just want to make more and more and more .....

Next project

Now, onto my next piece :)