Work in progress

We all do it. We start that new project with such enthusiasm and gusto, but then, as it drags on, a shiny new project comes along that steals us away and into the cupboard the old one goes. Then more projects come along and before we know it we have a box of forgotten wips just waiting for their chance to escape.

Shawl design

I’ve just finished writing a new pattern so before I start my next, decided it was time to delve into the dusty box of wips.


So, there’s a “wow, I’d forgotten about that” top,


an “oh yes I remember this” cardigan,

KAL Blanket

a long ago ended KAL blanket,

Daisy Chain

a box of daisy’s longing to be a chain,

Noro top

a very lovely Noro top, and a dragon. Yes, a dragon.

African Flowers

This is a Heidi Bears design which uses the African Flower in various forms to create an animal. I completed the flowers 2 years ago while on holiday but couldn’t bring myself to fasten these together. There are a lot and this did give me a rather sinking feeling.


This uses the ‘join as you go’ method which I’d never attempted before but Heidi Bears has a pretty comprehensive tutorial on her website. If you have a lot of motifs to join, I would recommend learning this method. There is no sewing (always a bonus) so the seams are neat and uniform. It’s also another skill to add to your repertoire!


So, here is my dragon. Finally removed from the wip box and ready to fly! I confess, I did add a little wire to the wings to give them some structure, otherwise they were a bit floppy. It may have taken two years, but the recipient is still over the moon with his dragon. Have a look in your wip box and try to set one free this year :)