Inspiration. Where does it come from? Can it be forced or do you just have to wait for it to call upon you? After recently agreeing to take part in a textile competition, I really wish I knew :)

I tried looking in the usual places; around the garden (nothing but dead autumn plants that really do need cutting back), went on walks and looked at the views and the sheep and lots of lovely nature but still no stirrings in the creative part of the brain. Then, one rainy afternoon, I was looking at a burl wood Cajon, and there it was. The lightbulb moment. Could you replicate burl wood with wool?


I dusted off my squared paper and began to chart. This took hours and hours, and after knitting a small sample was pleased (and relieved) that this seemed to be working.

In a tangle

So now I'm knitting a full piece with 3 balls or yarn and getting very tangled. My first method of just knitting and untangling later was pretty hopeless so now I move balls in and out as though weaving while knitting. The concentration needed is worthy of a medal ;)

Sneaky peek

There are just a few weeks left to complete and display the pieces so I am feeling a little frantic, but knitting to a deadline is good to keep things flowing. Above is a sneaky peek at the project so far.

African Flower bag

In between charting and untangling I did manage to finish my African Flower bag, just in time for mum's birthday.


Now I've cast on a new project for knitting in company - Float. The competition piece with it's complicated chart and numerous balls of wool is far too antisocial :)