Late to the party

A bit slow to catch on I know, but recently I stumbled upon the great idea that Stacey (tagged as frofunky) started for 2014. The crochet mood blanket. The aim is to knit or crochet a square, each day or week, in a colour that reflects your mood at that particular time. At the end of the year you will have a lovely blanket to keep yourself snuggly and warm with memories of the year.

Sunburst square for cushion

I'd been planning to add some homemade charm to our sitting room by making a blanket to throw over the sofa. Making just one square a day and spreading this over the year, doesn't seem like such a big task. I've calculated (oh yes I have) that I would like 288 squares for my blanket. So, if I manage to crochet 1 a day I'll have enough by Christmas. Whoopee :)

Colour pallette

I've opted for a white, beige and brown palette. Probably a little boring for some of you I know, but I'll try to sneak a bit of green in. My 'mood' will not be reflected so much by colour, but by style of square. I have a couple of books to look through plus (of course) the magic of cyberspace so there will be plenty to chose from.

No. 1 Granny square

So, on to the blanket. My first has to be a classic - the Granny square. Great for everyone, this can be made as big or as colourful as you like.

No. 2 Polka

Number 2. Polka - reminds me of the swimming badge my son came home with today :)

No. 3 Sunburst

Number 3. Sunburst. This is my favourite type of square, and today has been a lovely walk in the spring sunshine.

.... and so it goes on.

If, like me, you're late to the party, there's still plenty of time to create something wonderful, whether this is a large throw, lap blanket or cushion cover. So, hooks at the ready .... :)

You can view fellow blanket-makers beautiful and varied squares on instagram (#crochetmoodblanket) or join the facebook group.