Easter Hooky

So, it was Easter again. Time for bunnies, chicks and baskets and baskets of chocolatey delights.

Easter in Italy

We planned a holiday to Italy for the 2 weeks prior to Easter, which was present making time. We were venturing on the train so travelling light. I had to choose my portable projects wisely. Last year I made little baskets for the kids filled with flowery hairclips and chocolate coins. This year I've opted for something different. Easter cuddlies.


My choices were floppy and spring bunnies. As with most Amigurumi, a small hook (usually 2mm) is used. I opted for a 3.5 mm hook to make this a good size and easier to crochet.

I tried making an amigurumi rabbit last Easter but failed miserably. I've done lots more crocheting since then and have learned a lot. Apart from practice, practice, practice, there are 5 things that have helped me along the crochet trail.

Stitch Marker

1. Stitch markers - This little friend marks the beginning of each round, or any important point. Pop this through the top of the relevant stitch so you can easily see where to join.

Magic Ring

2. Magic ring - I much prefer this method than doing a chain joined with a slip stitch. You can control just how tightly closed your centre should be. This is a good little tutorial.

Neat ends

3. Neat and tidy ends - Crocheting in ends as I go is now second nature. It can be quite demoralising to get to the end and have to go back and thread all these through. Simply lay these on top of the following round, and crochet around them.

New colours

4. Starting new colours - using the slip stitch and chain method to join a new colour can sometimes leave an obvious difference. By crocheting a standing stitch, you can join another colour seamlessly.

Sew through the V

5. The final stitch - pulling the last stitch through with the hook never looks quite right. Crochet to the end but don't join the last stitch. Cut your yarn and pull the tail through this 'last' stitch. Thread through a needle and insert this under the 'V' of the stitch you wish to join - note that at the very end of a project this will be the first stitch of the previous round, but this creates an extra 'stitch'. If joining with this method during a project, connect to the second stitch of the previous round.

Neat final stitch

Now insert this over the top and down through the middle of the 'last' stitch, thus creating a new V.

Final Stitch

Nice and neat.

Smartie and Cutie Pie

Meet the bunnies, Smartie and Cutie Pie, as named by their owners. They've already been on many adventures and had plenty of hugs and I'm sure there'll be more to come :)