Camel Shrug

I always get cold feet when it comes to large projects. We have boxes brimming with the hats, gloves, scarves and shawls that I've made, but have never had the luxury of hand knitted clothing. All that knitting and what if it doesn't fit? What if the sleeves are too long or neck too tight! Too many what ifs...

This year I've decided to face my fear and make tops, cardigans and anything else that takes my fancy. If I see it, like it, I'll make it. :)

Acorn leaf pattern

I've had my eye on an acorn leaf shrug pattern on ravelry for a while so decided to give it a try.

This style of cardigans and shrugs are knit in one rectangular piece then folded and strategically sewn at the arms. Who knew? Really clever and simple. I searched my stash and found some Debbie Bliss Fez. It’s a worsted weight yarn made of 85% merino and 15% camel so should be warm and snuggly. Great now that summer looks to be finally over :(

I'm a little worried that the seaming will be noticeable so I've started with a provisional cast-on so that I can knit a continuous round of ribbing at the end to conceal the join. This has alarmingly rolled up as I've been knitting but I'm sure it'll be fine once I've finished!

Leaf close up

The leaf pattern that runs down the back of the cardigan is a very welcome break from the monotony of the endless stockinette and looks fab. The yarn is lovely to knit with too. I was starting to feel just a teeny bit frustrated at the slow progress but then realised I'm knitting the front, back and sleeves all at the same time, so was already half way there.

Mattress stitch

I really took my time with the mattress stitch that forms the sleeves, and this worked much better than I've ever done before. There's nothing to this cardigan knitting. What was I ever so worried about?

Camel shrug

With the cardigan knit, leaf pattern looking great, sleeves formed and 300+ stitches of ribbing picked up and knit, all I had to do was bind off. No problem (or so I thought) and there was my big mistake.

360 degree 2x2 ribbing

Tubular bind off I thought. That would be good for ribbing. Nooooooo! Either this isn't stretchy or I did this seriously tight. Aaaaaaaah! The last step and I blew it! Time to take a few deep breaths and start frogging.